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THE PINK BEAR / Leydi Gallardo / Bergamo Qualche scatto da un set recente a Bergamo con la bellissima modella cubana Leydi Gallardo 💓🔝 Marco Squassina Photography Sony A7r4 Sony Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.4 / 1 LED light https://www.marcosquassinaphotography.com/ https://www.instagram.com/marcosquassina/

THE PUPPET / Esmeralda Diaz / Brescia Secondo estratto da un set recente a Brescia, con la bellissima modella dominicana Esmeralda Diaz. Grazie a Sony e a Davide Grimoldi per la A7r4 in prova qui in combo con il 50 Art 1.4 Marco Squassina Photography Sony A7r4 / Sigma Art 50 f1.4 https://www.marcosquassinaphotography.com/ https://www.instagram.com/marcosquassina/

Jolie is a college student in Jersey. How long time you are model? This is my first time Why did you start modeling? I love to try new things in life What do you like about modeling jobs? I think it is a fan and sexy Do you like boys or girls? I like stuffed animals :) but I also like girls What are your hobbies? reading books about philosophy, detectives and sex What is your favorite food? I love sushi and strawberries How did you lose your virginity? It is kinda embarrassing, I did fuck my self with a cucumber years ago :) How did you come u with your stage name? I like Jolie How was your first photoshoot? I was a little nervous for the first time, but it was fun What is your favorite position for sex? I love 69 and giving rimjobs What turns you on sexually? stuffed animal sex and lesbian porn Are you submissive or dominant in the bedroom? More dominant How often do you masturbate? alamost every evening before going to bed How do you masturbate? classic with my fingers in pussy and rubbing clitoris How long time you need to be done? depends on a mood, but usually 8 minutes Do you watch porn? I do, I love Plushies TV and Pornhub What kind of porn? Stuffed animal sex, teddy bear porn, and lesbian strapon dildo sex Who is your favorite porn star? I love Lana Rhoades , Mia Khalifa, Riley Reid, Abella Danger, and Mia Malkova What is your fetish? Teddy bears :) Tell us about your teddy bear? I have my stuffed bear since I was a kid, but only started to have sex with recently Do you sleep with him in the same bed? Yes I do Do you talk with him? every night :) Do you love him? I do love him Do you kiss him? Sure I do kiss him :)